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Business capital can come from a variety of sources. These sources may include small business loans, friends, and family contributions, or investor equity agreements. We, Nerd Geek Lab Startup Funding has partnered with a variety of initiatives to help facilitate this process. Currently, we are focused on the initiative to highlight Statup India-led businesses in India. Please review the resources on this page for the top accelerator and incubator programs.

Get credits, training and mentorship to start building.

We help you to raise capital, if you would meet the following criteria

  1. Startup must be 2 year into the business.
  2. Startup must be registered with ROC
  3. Startup should be from the following domain and industries Agritech, Edtech, Pharma, Biotech, Defence, Aerospace, Information Technology, Healthcare, Green tech.
  4. A solid team with experience in their industry.
  5. Market traction, which could be in Alpha or Beta customers, partnerships, revenue, or other metrics that define success. They’re not just looking for good ideas—they want ideas + execution

What Kind of Starup We Looking For?

We at Nerd Geek Lab connects investors who always looking for innovative statup opportunities. If you have a company with a unique idea that can contribute in building the young India, then we can help you in achieving objective, interested in learning more. The sweet spot for our platform is companies or startups that need 15,00,000 to 1,00,00,000 in capital.

List of Connected VC & Accelerators

Funding Partners

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Investor Partners

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Nerd Geek Lab Services


Upto INR 1 crore per startup. One of the ten incubators in India that can provide scaled funding

Co-working Locations

Incubation and co-working spaces in Kollam, Bengaluru and Coimbatore with access.

GST exemption

No tax for revenue upto INR 50 lakhs per year for a period of 3 years.


One of the six incubators in India selected to be made world class.

VC network

Access to VCs and angel investors for scaled funding.


One -to -one mentorship from world class mentors from India,Silicon valley and Singapore.

Discounted Services

Avail up to USD 5000 credit from AWS and discounts from a host of partners for accounting, legal etc.

Internship Pool

Large pool of engineering and management students from NGL Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Calculate the startup equity

Capital Resource Lists

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