Third Unicorn

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Third Unicorn

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Location : 110017

Founded year : 2022

Register info : Private Limited

Company Size : 5-10

company stage : Growth Stage

Website :


Quietly & Peacefully building a market-shaking business. Rest remains the billion-dollar question! Third Unicorn is a tech start-up by Ashneer Grover. Madhuri Jain Grover and Aseem Ghavri are the Co-founder of Third Unicorn. We at Third Unicorn seek to usher a new era for Indian startups which are lean, capital efficient, have positive unit economics and truly tech driven. Third Unicorn will be solving fundamental problems - not incremental ones. It’ll be a multi product startup with the first

  • Funding Status

    VC Funded
  • Target Market

  • Revenue Stream

    Subscription,Advertising,Franchise,Pay Per Transaction

Business Stage

  • Idea phase

  • Business plan map out

  • Minimum viable product built

  • Paying customers


Ashneer Grover


Aseem Ghavri

CEO,CMO,Vice President


Marketing Intern - PPT nahi banani hai

Third Unicorn is looking for Business Development Executive who want t...

Type Fulltime Position 2
Duration 6 months Last date 2023-04-30

Banking Intern - Croro Rupee sambhalne k liye

Third Unicorn is looking for Financial Analyst Jobs who want to contri...

Type Fulltime Position 2
Duration 6 months Last date 2023-04-30