Blockpreneur - The Future of
Blockchain in India

    Sun, 14 Oct 1:00PM - 4:00PM
    Nerd Geek Lab


Blockpreneur is an Initiative to create a community of Blockchain enthusiastic Entrepreneurs. Our mission at
BlockCircle is to make blockchain technology more accessible and useful to the masses, as we believe that
blockchain can only become the next internet if it's adopted by people of all classes of the society rather than
being exclusive for the elites.

With this event we aim to have a gathering of self motivated free thinkers who are willing to take the first step
towards change by sharing there suggestions and ideas to carry out out future research.

Topics for Discussion

  1. Is India acting slow on blockchain adoption.
  2. How can we make blockchain useful for the vibrant MSME sector.
  3. Scope for blockchain in university education.
  4. Is decentralization a better option for future internet transaction.

About BlockCircle

BlockCircle plans to interface and Explore the all blockchain-based new businesses and blockchain devotees
at single stage to move, take an interest and work together in one another's achievement in this developing
industry. We speak to an association that plans to contact the day today lives of Indians on each side of the
country — by supporting activities that enhance the economy and make new business openings — by expanding
assets for the gatherings we serve. BlockCircle is a non-Profit Organization with the sole aim to help Blockchain
Technology in India works with all levels of the legislature and distinctive accomplices to encourage advance
monetary improvement and business openings in the Blockchain business.