Web Developer

A web developer is a professional who develops websites for individuals or businesses. A full-stack web developer works on the front-end as well as the back-end components of the website. The front-end component entails how websites will look when delivered to the clients. The back-end component, on the other hand, stores and processes data securely.

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What you'll learn

  • User Research
  • Prototyping, wireframing, user flows
  • Design and Software Skills
  • Once the website is tested and reviewed, you can get a domain name and launch the site.


Who’s a web developer? Those websites which you scroll to are created by none other than web developers. A person who creates amazing websites for businesses and startups. A full-stack web developer looks after both the front-end and the back-end parts. The front-end deals with how the websites look when delivered to the customers while the back-end stores and processes all the data safely. Also, to bring to your notice, web developers are highly paid professionals. Most Software Developers work as Web Developers. MNCs also hire professionals/freshers based on their interest in web development. No matter what the situation would be web developers will always be in demand and for this, you don’t have to care whether it’s WFH (Work From Home) or WFO (Work From Office). This job requires dedication, patience, and eagerness to learn every day and play with technology. From Big MNCs to startups, everyone needs web developers to see growth in their business. But before we start this journey, you all should have a clear idea of why do you want to be a web developer?

Web Development

Web development

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