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How It Works

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It only takes a couple of seconds to start using our online resume builder. The resume creator is offered completely through our website, meaning there is no software to download.

No Technical Knowledge Required

We literally do all the work for you. Just tell us a little about yourself and we do the rest. Our goal is to make the creation process easy for you. Just upload your information or type it in. You don’t have to worry about formatting, or have any coding knowledge. All you have to do is start, and our resume builder will take care of the rest.

It’s Easy to Tailor Your Resume for Multiple Jobs

Our resume customizer feature allows you to personalize your resume for every job to increase your chances of earning interviews. More specifically, this tool lets you make changes to your resume to draw attention to the skills and specific keywords that are best suited for the job you want.

Customizable Templates

Our Resume Builder provides you with templates that you can customize—right down to the font, format, and style to complement the culture of your industry. These templates make it easy to design your own resume, whether you plan to print it or use it only online.

It Checks Before You Send

As nitpicky as it may seem, a small typo in your resume can ruin your chance earn an interview. Yikes! Don’t worry; we’ll check your resume for 20 common mistakes including spelling, grammar, formatting, and more! Say goodbye to typo errors.

Unlimited Resume Access

Our Resume Builder gives you unlimited and secured access to resumes and cover letters so you can access them anytime, from anywhere and from all of your devices throughout your career.

Unlimited Resume Creation

When you use our Resume Builder, you’ll be granted an unlimited number of resumes and cover letters to create and customize for all of your job searching needs.

It Doesn’t End With Your Resume!

Our Interview Answer Builder tool allows you to practice answering tough interview questions to wow hiring managers with your polished approach. Again, we do the hard work for you! We take the information you provided in your resume and automatically determine the interview questions you will most likely hear, based on your resume.

Confidence Booster

You already have everything you need to excel; so count on us to package your information in a way that employers and recruiters want to see. Using our Resume Builder will produce a well-formatted resume that showcases your talents and professional achievements. When you see how great your resume looks, you will feel more confident and capable to nail interviews and get hired.

Cover Letter Help

Besides the Resume Builder, we also have a Cover Letter Builder! The auto cover letter will also help you easily create a cover letter for all of your applications. This allows you to create a winning cover letter that complements your resume with no stress.

We have dozens of resume examples covering your industry and career field.

Using our templates is so easy! Our step-by-step resume building wizard will guide you through the resume building process, helping you choose the right words to use in each section. We even provide you with tips and advice every step of the way and a powerful resume audit tool to fix common grammar and spelling mistakes. Your perfect resume practically writes itself!

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