Python Training Course

Python certification training course will help you master the concepts and gain in-depth experience on writing python code and packages like SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Web scraping libraries, Lambda Function also you will learn how to write Python code for Big Data systems like Hadoop & spark.
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About Python Training Course

Python certification training course will help you master the concepts and gain in-depth experience on writing python code and packages like SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Web scraping libraries, Lambda Function also you will learn how to write Python code for Big Data systems like Hadoop & spark. As part of the Python certification training course you will be working on real-world projects and case studies and get hands-on experience through online Python lab.

Python training certification course will help you to understand the high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language. In this Python training course you will be exposed to both the basic and advanced concepts of Python like machine learning, Deep Learning, Hadoop streaming, MapReduce in Python, and work with packages like Scikit and Scipy.

What you'll learn

  • Build your First app in Python
  • Build complete ticket reservation desktop app
  • Design Python GUI apps
  • Understand the OOP in Python
  • Working with multi threading
  • Build Games like Tic Tac Toy
  • Understand the programming foundation
  • Understand the programming logic, condition and control
  • Work with database and file
  • Read JSON from HTTP

What you will learn in this Python Online Training Course?

  1. Importance & introduction to Python, its installation
  2. What is a file and sequence operations in Python
  3. Understand Hadoop deployment with MapReduce
  4. Study OOP, expressions, data types, looping, etc.
  5. Understand SQLite in Python, functions, operations and class defining
  6. Use Python for writing and deploying Pig UDF and Hive UDF
  7. Get to know the Machine Learning Algorithms in Python
  8. Work on a real life Hadoop project running on Python
  9. Course Completion Certificate from Nerd Geek Lab
  10. Be equipped for the Python Professional Certification

Who should take this Python Training Certification Course?

  • BI Managers and Project Managers
  • Software Developers and ETL professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Big Data professionals
  • Those wanting to have a career in Python

What are the prerequisites for learning Python?

You don’t need any specific knowledge to learn Python. A basic knowledge of programming can help.

Why Should I learn Python Programming Language?

Python is a highly popular object-oriented language that is fast to learn and easy to deploy. It can run on various systems like Windows, Linux and Mac thus make it highly coveted for the data analytics domain. Upon completion of Python certification training you can work in the Big Data Hadoop environment for very high salaries.

How Nerd Geek Lab Python Certification is awarded?

Nerd Geek Lab follows rigorous certification process, to become a certified Python programmer, you must fulfil the following criteria

    Online Instructor-Led Course
      1- Successful completion of all projects, which will be evaluated by trainers
      2- Scoring minimum 60% in Python quiz conducted by Nerd Geek Lab
    Self-Paced Course
      1- Completing all the course videos in our LMS
      2- Scoring minimum 60% in Python quiz conducted by Nerd Geek Lab

Python Course Content

Introduction to Data Science

What is data science, what does a data scientist do, the various examples of data science in the industries, how Python is deployed for data science applications.

Scope of Data Analytics

What is data analysis, the various steps in data analysis process like data wrangling, data exploration and selecting the model, understanding data visualization, what is exploratory data analysis, building of hypothesis, plotting and other techniques.

Python Environment Setup and Essentials

Introduction to Python Language, features, the advantages of Python over other programming languages, Python installation, Windows, Mac & Linux distribution for Anaconda Python, deploying Python IDE, basic Python commands, data types, variables, keywords and more.

Python language Basic Constructs

Built-in data types in Python, tabs and spaces indentation, code comment Pound # character, variables and names, Python built-in data types, Numeric, int, float, complex, list tuple, set dict, containers, text sequence, exceptions, instances, classes, modules, Str(String), Ellipsis Object, Null Object, Ellipsis, Debug, basic operators, comparison, arithmetic, slicing and slice operator, logical, bitwise, loop and control statements, while, for, if, break, else, continue.

OOP concepts in Python and database connection

How to write OOP concepts program in Python, connecting to a database, classes and objects in Python, OOPs paradigm, important concepts in OOP like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, Python functions, return types, and parameters, Lambda expressions, connecting to database and pulling the data.

NumPy for mathematical computing

Introduction to arrays and matrices, indexing of array, datatypes, broadcasting of array math, standard deviation, conditional probability, coorelation and covariance.

Broadcast Receiver & Notification

Android broadcast receiver, registering the broadcast receiver, deploying Broadcast() method for broadcasting message, broadcast message listening, using manifest file for registering a receiver, understanding Android notification, creation of notification and working with context menu.

SciPy for scientific computing

Introduction to SciPy and its functions, building on top of NumPy, cluster, linalg, signal, optimize, integrate, subpackages, SciPy with Bayes Theorem.

Matplotlib for data visualization

How to plot graph and chart with Python, various aspects of line, scatter, bar, histogram, 3D, the API of MatPlotLib, subplots.

Content Provider

Learning about content providers, the concepts, storing data in Android, creation of content provider.

Pandas for data analysis and machine learning

Introduction to Python dataframes, importing data from JSON, CSV, Excel, SQL database, NumPy array to dataframe, various data operations like selecting, filtering, sorting, viewing, joining, combining, how to handle missing values, time series analysis, linear regression.

GScikit-Learn for Natural Language Processing

What is natural language processing, working with NLP on text data, setting up the environment using Jupyter Notebook, analyzing sentence, the Scikit-Learn machine learning algorithms, bags of words model, extracting feature from text, searching a grid, model training, multiple parameters, building of a pipeline.

Web scraping with Python

Introduction to web scraping in Python, the various web scraping libraries, beautifulsoup, Scrapy Python packages, installing of beautifulsoup, installing Python parser lxml, creating soup object with input HTML, searching of tree, full or partial parsing, output print, searching the tree.

Python deployed for Hadoop

Introduction to Python for Hadoop, the basics of the Hadoop ecosystem, Hadoop common, the architecture of MapReduce and HDFS, deploying Python coding for MapReduce jobs on Hadoop framework.

Python for Apache Spark coding

Introduction to Apache Spark, importance of RDD, the Spark libraries, deploying Spark code with Python, the machine learning library of Spark MLlib, deploying Spark MLlib for classification, clustering and regression.

Python Certification

This Python online course is designed for clearing the Nerd Geek Lab Python Certification Exam. The entire python training course content is designed by industry professionals to get the best jobs in the top MNCs. As part of this online Python course training you will be working on real time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real world industry scenario thus helping you fast track your career effortlessly.

At the end of this online Python course there will be quizzes that perfectly reflect the type of questions asked in the respective certification exams and helps you score better marks in certification exam.