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About the Role

AIML Developer (Work From Home)

Location : 110045

Number of Position : 5

Industy : Internet

Job Offter : Yes

About AIML Developer Internship

Machine learning engineers design and create AI algorithms capable of learning and making predictions that define machine learning (Al). • Work with product/business owners to map business requirements into products / productized solutions and/or working prototypes of NLP & ML algorithms. • Evaluate and compare algorithm performance based on large, real-world data sets. • Mine massive amounts of data from various sources to gain insights and identify patterns using machine learning techniques and complex network analysis methods. • Design and implement ML algorithms and models through in-depth research and experiment with neural network models, parameter optimization, and optimization algorithms. • Work to accelerate the distributed implementation of existing algorithms and models. • Conduct research to advance the state of the art in deep learning and provide technical solutions at scale for real world challenges in various scenarios. • Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for model development, model validation, model implementation and large scale data analysis. • Optimizing pre-existing algorithms for accuracy and speed.

Internship Highlights

Duration : 6 months

Start Date :

Experience : Fresher

Stipend : 15000

Last Date To Apply :

Internship type : Work From Home


Education : Bachelor Degree

Skills :

  • MongoDB
  • Open CV
  • NLP
  • TensorFlow
  • Python

Job Requirement



 • Candidates must have experience in developing Machine learning, deep learning, and Image processing. • In-depth knowledge of machine learning, NLP, and image processing techniques. 

• Research, develop, optimize and productize for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. Requirements: • Deep understanding & experience of working on Machine Learning and AI powered applications • Build and train AI chatbot models • Experience with writing production and scalable code • Must have proficiency inPython programming • Experience with NLP, NLU, Text Analytics, Rasa, MongoDB, CNN, LSTM, BERTs Python, TensorFlow, CUDA toolkit, CuDNN, Theano, Caffe, Torch, OpenCV, or similar tools. • Familiarity with DL frameworks (e. g. PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc. ) • Deploy source code by way of encryption and setting up Dockeron cloud servers. • Proficiency inRESTful APIs • Have a basic understanding of setting up, deploying & managing cloud servers likeAWS, GCP, etc. • Takes ownership of self-professional development.

• Strong Experience with Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep Learning. • Candidate should have build projects on AI (Image Classification and Object Detection). • Experience with Computer Vision. • Experienced with Neural networks and NLP. • Hands on experience with DL algorithms to build a project (using SVN algorithms, Naive algorithms, Bayes Algorithms, K- means, KNN, RNN, CNN). • Good Understanding with ML libraries like Pytorch, Yolo, Darknet, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Scikit learn.

What you will learn

  • How to put skills and knowledge into practice
  • Understanding the workplace culture
  • Being responsible is an integral skill required
  • Experience makes you more responsible and accountable in decision making

Hiring Procedure

  • Application assessment via smart resume format
  • Phone Interview & Video Interview
  • Online test or skill assessment
  • Personal Interview or in person discussion.
  • Selection and on boarded

Who can Apply

  • Any graduate or undergraduate
  • Who want to transform their career in similar profile?

Additional Info

• A degree and a technical background should be required to gain a this role. • Degrees in the following subjects should be highlighted as particularly advantageous: • Knowledge and interest in computer systems and the latest technologies • The ability to learn new technologies quickly • Communication skills & Interpersonal skills • Problem solving skills & Critical thinking skills • Punctuality, Adaptability skills & Work ethic • Teamwork and collaboration skills • Project management skills • Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team. • Exceptional verbal, written, and presentation skills.

Benefit and Perks


Job offer

Flexible working Hours

Company retreats