Program Features

Integrate accredited industry certification for competency based outcome

Expand your reach beyond the classroom with online delivery.

Assist Faculty Development Programs keep pace with fast moving technology

Let's Connect With First Class Services

Meet the UPP team and discover how we provide partners customized opportunities, flexible service, and best-in-class guidance.

Campus Activation

Discover how your organization can connect with UC Berkeley's 14 schools and colleges, dozens of administrative departments, distinguished faculty, and our exceptional staff, students and alumni.

Student Engagement

Learn how your business can leverage the experience and expertise of UC Berkeley's unique student body through recruiting events and online engagement.

Expert Collaboration

Explore the ways in which UC Berkeley can introduce you to key opportunities for university and business collaboration, including executive education and expert research.

Build Your Brand

Learn more about our University's brand partnership system and the benefits each level can provide your company.

Request to Partner

UC Berkeley is committed to developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with companies. Connect with us to learn more about becoming a UC Berkeley campus partner.

Who Uses NGL?

Institutions Managers

  • Brand Publicity and Management
  • Institutions private holdings portfolio management
  • Latest Tech & market information
  • Dedicated portal for Institutions

Tech Managers

  • Tech service with highest discretion
  • Dedicated support
  • Order book / Market depth
  • Detailed market information

Just College

  • Dedicated Institution support
  • Order book / Market depth
  • Detailed market information

Deep order book visibility

View available opportunities customized to your requirement thesis.

Filtered by criteria that matter to you

Interactively filter by sector, deal structure, size, and pricing to quickly understand the evolving market.

Dedicated support, at all times

We have executed several hundred enquiries in dozens of companies.

Our expertise on market dynamics, process requirements and legal documentation is one message away.

Do you want Institution manager?

NGL also has a dedicated platform to manage private holdings
Add (or mass-upload) details for each client and their private holdings

Benefits to your institution

Improve student employability with competency based output

Demonstrate industry value to employers

Maintain faculty skills fresh and relevant to industry trend

Project based instruction for practical hands-on learning

Offer course content accredited by 40+ global governing bodies

Innovative low cost hybrid delivery model with minimal disruption to existing curriculum.

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