Should you use
Online Video Interviewing?

Agency Recruiters

Screen more candidates in less time to gain a competitive advantage with video interviewing


Video interviewing can increase size and quality of your candidate pool for more efficient hiring

Educational Services

Prepare job-seekers and share their videos with future employers with mock video interviewing

Training Pros

Capture and share best practices with pre-recorded video training

Nerd Geek Offerings


Nerd Geek Lab has one of the most extensive assessments out there. It comes with video interviews, helping you reduce time to hire by 40%.

Video Interviews

Nerd Geek Lab Video Interviews has been used in over 102 countries. We have recorded one million responses so far letting us constantly evolve the tool for smooth use.

NerdGeekLab Proctor

Nerd Geek Lab also offers a tool that helps you keep track of interviewee's actions during the interview. It also allows you to block his browser to avoid cheating during tests.


Our tool allows you to customize the assessment to swapping colors and logo to match your brand.

NerdGeekLab Insights

Nerd Geek Lab Insights our newest offering allows you to process candidates to tell if you if he is the best for your team or not.

NerdGeekLab Behavioral

Nerd Geek Behavioral Insights offers a report of the candidate telling you about his behavioral fitment with your team.

What does it "Offer?"


Recording is enabled by default for every interview. Cloud storage makes the interview available anytime for review by other decision makers and audit.

Many To Many Interviews

Nerd Geek Lab Video platform makes it possible for you to conduct panel interviews and Group discussions. Connects upto 25 people from same or different geographies and time zones in one meeting.

Cloud Storage

Storage is done using AWS and AWS S3 which ensures 99.99% up time, high availability and auto scaling. Stored content is accessible anytime, anywhere for any amount of data.


Real-Time Evaluation: This is useful especially if the interview is for a developer position. Participants of a session can collaborate on the same code pad that works for 30+ languages including C++, Java, PHP, RoR, Scala, GoG, Python etc.

White Board

A shared white board between all panel members and interviewee to collaborate and hack on the same screen. White board allows the interviewee to display his creativity and writing skills, and gives you the comfort of paper like scribbling pad.

No Installation

Nerd Geek Lab video interview is a plug and play, web based tool, that needs no installation or software. The interview is conducted using a chat room. A room is created for each event and anyone invited can join using a web browser.


Evaluate the skills of candidate while they are in their learning stage.

Nerd Geek Lab

NGL is our ready made assessment package, consisting of a standardised, industry applicable question set. NGL Adaptive Test evaluates the employ-ability of students based on their domain knowledge as well as aptitude. Such assessed candidate's scores are arranged to form the employ-ability indexing platform

Lateral Hiring

Assessments designed by industry experts can be replicated for fresher as well as lateral hiring. Our range include assessments for cognitive abilities, knowledge, domain skills, language proficiency and technical attributes. Level of difficulty can be adjusted before hand.

Role Based Hiring

Analytics based on NGL assessments, profile candidates perfectly for a role. So we can tell you the right shortlist for a sales role or java developer role. Whether you are looking for a AWS cloud solution architect or a financial analyst, assessments are available for each domain type

Personality Test

We also run a comprehensive Psychometric assessment, that is able to tell you Who is a better at sales or finance? Who can be trusted with a vault and who should be doing the thinking. Who is more emotionally intelligent Don't just hire the right person, hire the right personality for the job.

Remote Proctored Assessment

Our two-way proctoring technology ensures validity of candidates and provides controlled exam conditions, even remotely. So you can assess candidates from any part of the globe. Such pre-employment assessments are capable of ensuring integrity, cheating free assessments and no interference.

Online Coding

A coding pad with compiler is available to do coding assessments, hackathons and codethons , as well as available as standalone. Our platform has the capability of compiling 30 plus language capability skills.


Increased Productivity

Conducting an interview for a remote candidate using Nerd Geek Lab platform can save you hours of planning and travel time. Time saved is time earned.

Professional And Secure

Using free Video Chat apps with your personal ID for interviews might not be a good idea, you don't want candidates to follow you forever.It's designed for interviews and protects your Identity using Chat Rooms instead of ID.

Interview On The Go

Deciding whom to hire is a tough choice involving multiple decision makers. Setting up these subsequent rounds with Management can be harrowing for an HR person.

Reduced Costs

Finance slashed your budget last year? Or facing a cost cutting target? Remote Interviews using Video platform slash your travel costs and make them zero. While maintaining the same Face to Face interview results.

Audit And Sox Compliance

With the option of storing your Video Interview on cloud you become compliant to most international Internal Audit and SOX compliance guidelines.

No Boundary On Talent

When there are no boundaries on Knowledge why should you be bound by State boundaries? Go ahead find your best fit candidate where ever she is.

How Team Building Works?

Create Challenge

from provided challenge library or your own.

Invite Candidates

by sending sharing challenge link via system.

Review Responses

submitted by all developers appeared.

Build Team

based on reviewed responses.


Ensure the authenticity of the candidate’s score of online written assessments through 100% automated cognitive remote proctoring.

Unified experience

Provide multisection workflow where the entire hiring cycle is unified in a platform & provides a seamless candidate experience.


Provide best in class experience to candidates via advanced branding of the interface. Match the colors, include banners, videos and logos.


Nerd Geek Lab provides round the clock support to recruiters and candidates through phone, chat and email in multiple languages.


We have collaborated with world-class HR tech and assessment companies to provide a unified experience and data integrity.


Nerd Geek Lab is compliant with EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, Safe Harbor Policy, AICPA, SSAE-16, EEOC, OFCCP MoU & ISO 270001 Procedures.

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