Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & Edge-AI

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Deep learning frameworks have reached the point where they can be used as tools in embedded electronics devices, allowing the production of “smart” products that are capable of recognizing objects and making decisions. This workshop introduces participants to the basics of practical deep learning, as well as an understanding of approaches and options for solving real world problems. In addition participants will have the opportunity to practice developing and deploying artificial intelligence models with the latest NVIDIA GPU’s, Raspberry PI and Movidus USB sticks using Python, Tensorflow, and Caffe. The workshop will include 2 hands-on lab sessions.

Target Audience

Researchers, engineers, computer programmers, technical managers & project leads who want to understand what deep learning is and how it can be used to bring intelligence to software and products, especially embedded systems and Internet-of-Things (“Edge”) devices.

Target Audience

  • A basic knowledge of Python or equivalent scripting language.
  • Some general programming experience.
  • A basic knowledge of unix/linux or equivalent command line interfaces.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will gain an understanding of the “pipeline” of a deep learning project, from training to deployment of a model on a device as well as the hardware and software required.
  • Participants will be introduced to the abilities and limits of the latest techniques in artificial intelligence as applied to a selection of computer vision tasks.