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The world’s fastest growing employee insights platform that helps companies objectively measure employee engagement, collaboration, and wellbeing. No surveys. Ever.


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Nerd Geek Lab employee analytics technology provides insights that empower you to ensure positive employee experience. Gain real-time insights including email overload, overworking signals and focus hours, powered by artificial intelligence

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The success of your business begins with workplace productivity. Measure communication responsiveness and influence, determine external network reach, and reduce cold external email noise. Nerd Geek Lab maps employee engagement and communication patterns – made more useful with artificial intelligence – so you can empower your team to reach their full productive potential.

Visualize and improve team collaboration

You don’t need consultants to gain comprehensive understanding of your organization. Nerd Geek Lab builds a searchable history of all company activity and does the hard work for you: makes sense of it. AI-powered ONA provides an X-ray into the inner workings of your company, while automatic and round-the-clock activity auditing makes things simple, giving you the ability to breakdown patterns of activity by geography, role, or team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live projects let you work on real industry projects, analyse the industry workings and contribute to it. They really add to your knowledge, skills and experience. You also get completion certificates to boast in your CV and interviews which are really impressive because you get first hand experience of industry insights. In these work from home projects, you can also earn on successfully completing them. There is no better way to earn and learn while you study!
No, you do not have to pay to do a live project on Nerd Geek In fact you can also earn on successfully completing projects that offer some stipend.
Some companies use projects as a criteria to filter students. On successfully completing a project you might get a pre placement interview offer or else you can showcase your projects to other companies which proves your intent to learn and work.