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Nerd Geek Lab for Students

Nerd Geek Lab helps Berkeley graduate students develop their skills, succeed in their programs and launch their careers.
Along with our campus partners, we support graduate students in exploring and preparing for the full range of diverse careers available to them, within and beyond academia.

Nerd Geek Lab for Faculty & Departments

Nerd Geek Lab collects and shares resources that faculty and departments can use to support the professional and career development of graduate students. Our goal is to help departments develop and implement their own approaches to graduate student professional development.

Workshops by skill domain

Benefits to your institution

Improve student employability with competency based output

Demonstrate industry value to employers

Maintain faculty skills fresh and relevant to industry trend

Project based instruction for practical hands-on learning

Offer course content accredited by 40+ global governing bodies

Innovative low cost hybrid delivery model with minimal disruption to existing curriculum.

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