Nerd Geek Lab focus on providing SAAS based public and private cloud solutions to Education and SME Segments.Nerd Geek Lab solutions are designed with Enterprise standards and ensure operational simplicity for the users.

Community Program:

Comprehensive And Flexible option to outreach the 1000 of online member to get extensive publicity.

Partnership Program:

Enroll your college and get the utmost benefit to help your college and students.

Faculty Development Program:

Keep up the pace with the industry and trends to engage your faculty in participating for the courses and training programs.

Entrepreneurship Program

Building the leader for the future is the demand of the current global world. No one born leader, but helped to. Welcome on board and be the one.

Skilled Student Program:

Only way that you can excel and grow in this competitive scenarios if you keep up the charge of your passion for learning. Learn from the masters.

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