About the Human Resource Course

What you'll learn

  Fundamentals of Human Resources Management

  Succession Planning: Developing Talent from Within

 Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Employees

  Work on training and development of employees


  No pre-knowledge required - We'll teach you everything you need to know

  However, few months experience in HR department of any organization is recommended.

  The course will enable those candidates to bring significant improvements in the existing processes


Learn the job description and responsibilities of an HR assistant.

You will be able to describe the key factors in the development of HR and People Management.

Define recruitment, selection and orientation process of new employees.

You shall be in a position to discuss what is meant by Performance Management in an HR Context.

HRM defines the organization’s intentions and plans on how its business goals should be achieved through people. It is based on three propositions: first, that human capital is a major source of competitive advantage; second, that it is people who implement the strategic plan; and, third, that a systematic approach should be adopted to defining where the organization wants to go and how it should get there. HRM is a process that involves the use of overarching approaches to the development of HR strategies, which are integrated vertically with the business strategy and horizontally with one another. These strategies define intentions and plans related to overall organizational considerations, such as organizational effectiveness, and to more specific aspects of people management, such as resourcing, learning and development, reward and employee relations.

Human resource certification is also very important in HR and people analytics today. HR Analytics, People Analytics, Human Resources, HR, HRM Business Partnering are just some of the HR buzzwords of today.

Whether you are in talent acquisition, hr payroll, HR, Human Resource Management or simply in need of a new HR course then this people management course is for you and fellow HR professionals.

After learning the Photoshop CC from scratch, you will learn to design Uber app from scratch. Then you will learn color theory and typography. At last, you will learn how to earn money by freelancing.

In this module you learn about Organisational Culture, and it covers topics such as Managing Change within the organisation.

Who is the target audience?

  • You learn about why HR and Talent Management changes over time
  • Focused teaching on HR Analytics and why it is important to you
  • You will discover some key Management Styles and why they are different
  • The Role of the Manager in People Management and Human Resource Management
  • The importance of Performance Management in HR, Talent and People Management and HR Analytics
  • You will get some valuable tips of why Appraisals can be difficult but crucial in HR
  • Develop strong interpersonal and intergroup skills in employees and groups through training
  • Managing the human resource in an organization is one of the most difficult tasks for business owners and HR managers.
  • Identify the attitudes, knowledge and skills required of a Human Resources (HR)
  • The importance of Performance Management in HR, Talent and People Management and HR Analytics


  • 1 hours online project session
  • Downloadable Resources in Email Weekly
  • Full lifetime access for career advise
  • Access on mobile and TV via Zoom Meeting
  • Certificate of Completion