We set clear and challenging goals, deliver regular feedback, and have
opportunities to learn every day. We encourage everyone to stretch beyond their
roles because the best ideas can come from anywhere.


Our team is comprised of talented, diverse individuals with unique backgrounds
and experiences. We work together to learn from each other and deliver on our
mission to improve lives through learning.


We have a top-notch human resources department that aims to help individuals reach their
potential while contributing to our collective success


Our Culture Crew is always organizing events to socialize and bring us closer
together. Employees regularly organize extracurricular activities that anyone is

welcome to join, without any pressure.

A learning Culture

We believe that every moment is an
opportunity for learning.

Free Courses

All employees have access to every single course on the platform.

Learning Budget

Employees earn a $1,500 yearly stipend that can be used for
educational opportunities, conferences, books, and more

Guest Speakers

We host speakers from a wide variety of industries and
backgrounds to share their expertise.